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Welcome to Kakelspecialisten

A direct translation of our company name would be ´Specialist of tiles´. That is what we are. Our staff is well educated in and have a long experience of the material and products we promote and sell. This knowledge together with high sensibility of good service is the key points in our company culture and how we work. And, we all speak English.

Kakelspecialisten offers the biggest range of wall tiles, floor tiles and mosaics within the market. We keep the main part of it in stock to ensure quick and safe deliveries. Great importance is put in to displaying and offering our clients an always up to date range of products. Our suppliers is the most well respected and innovative producers in the world.

The company of Kakelspecialisten started in late 1992 with a shop and a warehouse close to the Globe Arena which is located just south of the central parts of Stockholm. In 2008 we opened up a 700 m² large special showroom of ceramic tiles towards architects, interior designer etc. in the centre of Stockholm. Due to the construction of a new large sports arena, Tele 2 Arena, close to Globe Arena we moved our company in September 2011 to the close by Sockenvägen 289 in Årsta Stockholm.

Today we are located on two addresses (as below), have 46 employees and a yearly turnover of approx. 230 MSEK (approx. 24 Mill.€).

shop kakelspecialisten

Shop, warehouse and professional centre, Sockenvägen 289 Årsta Stockholm

Our main showroom and shop is 2.800 m² big which makes it the biggest showroom for tiles and bathroom in whole Scandinavia. Here we display approx. 130 examples of bathrooms with tiles, bathroom furniture, shower walls etc. In sections of the showroom we display floor tiles, mosaics and suggestions for kitchens in a sophisticated and still easy way. It´s easy to reach us by public transportation and/or by car. If you arrive to us by car you find 60 parking spaces just outside the entrance of the shop.

Our shop and centre for professionals users of tiles (tilelayers, construction companies and such) is 600 m² big. Here professional tilelayers find a wide range of tools and machinery for their daily work. 

showroom kakelspecialisten

Architectural showroom, Medborgarplatsen 25 Södermalm Stockholm

Kakelspecialisten have one of Europe´s largest special showrooms of ceramic tiles for architects and interior designers. We call this part of our company Kakelspecialisten Projekt. In this especially designed showroom we display ceramic tiles for all types of projects with tiles. Our range of products is the widest within the market of tiles to cover floor and walls in public areas, swimming pools, facade´s, spa´s, residential projects etc.

Open hours shop and warehouse Årsta
Monday-friday Open 10.00 – 19.00
Saturday Open 10.00 – 16.00

Street: Sockenvägen 289 Årsta
Postal:Kakelspecialisten AB Box 90285 SE-120 24 Stockholm Sweden

Open hours showroom Medborgarplatsen 25 Sthlm
Monday-friday Open 08.00-17.00


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